Boards of examiners

There are two types of Boards of Examiners:

  • The role of the Module Board is to confirm results for individual modules, agree any scaling of marks required, review module feedback and consider brief summary reports from External Examiners. Membership of a Module Board includes the relevant teaching staff and any external examiners responsible for the modules being presented.
  • The role of the Assessment Board is to consider individual student profiles and to make decisions regarding progression to the next level or stage of a course or regarding achievement of the award for which the student is registered. Assessment Boards will also confirm decisions regarding reassessment of modules that have not been achieved. Membership of an Assessment Board includes the relevant Programme Leader, academics drawn from the teaching team, external examiners for the courses being presented, and Academic Registry representation to provide advice on interpretation of the relevant regulations.

Boards of Examiners will be presented with appropriate paperwork to consider and make relevant decisions in accordance with the University’s Academic Assessment Regulations or other relevant regulatory document.

Each Board will be Chaired by a senior member of the University and supported by a member of the Academic Registry as Secretary.

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