Research ethics and integrity

Bucks New University expects that all its researchers observe the highest possible standards in the conduct of their research.

The University seeks to achieve this through raising awareness of ethical issues through debate and by formulating codes, guidelines and procedures as are necessary to enable a high regard to ethical, social and environmental issues.

The University Research Ethics Panel has oversight of all ethical procedures within the university, and regularly updates guidance in line with current best practice.

The University is committed to the Universities UK (2012) Concordat to Support Research Integrity, considering high standards of research integrity to be of the utmost importance. This commitment is reflected in the latest annual statement approved by Council, the governing body of the University.

All researchers at Bucks are responsible for following the University Research Ethics Policy and the University Code of Good Research Practice, in addition to any academic or professional guidelines that apply to their discipline. This applies to all staff, students and anyone completing research on university premises or with university facilities, or under the auspices of the University.

Ethical approval

Any research involving human participants (human beings, human tissue and bodily fluids, human data and records) or research that may raise ethical issues or concerns (eg risk of environmental harm) should seek ethical approval before commencing.

Guidance for staff and research students on the ethics framework and approval process can be found on Bucks Employee Network. This includes details about meeting dates and submission deadlines, along with guidance regarding the scope of studies requiring approval. Model consent forms and information sheets are also available. Undergraduate and taught Master's students should seek advice from their School ethics sub-committee.

The University Research Ethics Panel has specific responsibility for reviewing research undertaken by staff and research students, whilst the review of research by Undergraduate and Taught Masters students is undertaken within Schools. Students should seek advice from their tutors regarding ethical review processes within their school.

Anybody wishing to raise concerns about the integrity of research at the University should report their concerns to through the process outlined in the Raising Issues of Concern (Whistleblowing) Policy.

To find out more

If you’d like to know more about the University Research Ethics Panel, please email

In accordance with government guidance to reduce social contacts as a result of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, staff and research students (PhD/MPhil/ProfDoc) are asked to pause until further notice on-going or planned research data collection that involves face-to-face interaction with participants. Further details are available on BEN .

Undergraduate and taught Master’s dissertations students undertaking face-to-face participant data collection should contact their supervisor or course team as soon as possible to discuss how to adapt their research.

20 March 2020