Research ethics and integrity

We want to make sure we always uphold the highest possible ethical standards in research. To do that, we have set up a number of codes, guidelines and procedures. By following our guidelines, you can make sure that your research meets the highest standards for ethics and integrity.

Our Research Ethics Panel keeps up to date with the very latest thinking in ethics and regularly checks that our ethics framework is in line with best practice. The Panel can then make recommendations to keep our policies up to date.

How it affects you

As a researcher, it’s your responsibility to follow the University Ethics Policy and any academic or professional guidelines that apply to your subject. You might have to include providing appropriate information sheet consent forms, or make sure that data is stored confidentially.

If your research changes during your time at Bucks, please let the Research Unit know, as you might have to make a new application for ethics approval.

Any research project you carry out should follow the University Research Ethics Framework. If you’re not sure about the framework, please ask your tutor or refer to our scope of studies.

All our staff and students should also follow the guidance on the Ethics Blackboard organisation. This includes details about meeting dates and submission deadlines.

In 2012, Universities UK published the Concordat to Support Research Integrity and the commitments which demonstrate the high standard of rigour and integrity expected by universities.

The University considers high standards of research integrity to be of the utmost importance which is reflected in the latest annual statement approved by Council, the governing body of the University.

For further information on matters of research integrity, contact: Sean Mackney, Pro Vice-Chancellor.

Anybody wishing to raise concerns about the integrity of research at the University should report their concerns to through the process outlined in the Raising Issues of Concern (Whistleblowing) Policy.

To find out more

If you’d like to know more about the University Research Ethics Panel, please email