You will receive provisional results and feedback on your work throughout the academic year. All marks remain provisional until they have been confirmed by a Module Board. This means that there is a possibility that the mark you have been given for a piece of work may change if any issues with the marking for the assignment are raised during the moderation process.

You will receive official confirmation of your end of year result – which will include a transcript of your marks and credits achieved – after the relevant Assessment Board has met and reviewed your complete academic profile. This will include consideration of any mitigating circumstances and any capping penalties that you may have incurred.

End of year results will be made available to you either by post, online or on Blackboard. Your School Admin Office will be able to give you details of how you will be notified of your results. You must ensure that you act on any instructions included with your results - for example reassessment instructions and deadlines. Results will not be given over the telephone.

Please ensure that you inform the Student Centre of any changes to your contact details so communications from the University do not go missing. If you have not received your results by the end of the academic year you should contact the Academic Registry.