Student Conduct

We are committed to providing a community where equality is promoted, diversity and inclusivity is valued, and individuals are respected. As staff and students, we share the responsibility for promoting and fostering an inclusive environment and ensuring that others do not experience any form of harassment. Our actions can have an impact on the safety and operation of that community.

Standards of behaviour expected

The Student Code of Conduct sets out our expected standards of behaviour on campus (including Halls of Residence) as well as when accessing our facilities online. In short, we expect you to:

  • Behave responsibly and professionally
  • Obey the law and not do anything that might harm the University's reputation
  • Behave in ways that do not offend others
  • Treat University property with respect
  • Comply with reasonable requests from members of University and Security staff
  • Adhere to our health and safety policies
  • Be considerate to your neighbours

Depending on your programme, you may also be subject to additional requirements; these will be outlined in your programme handbook or other materials and you will be made aware of these standards at the induction to your programme.

The Code also sets out how we will investigate any reported breaches of our standards of behaviour, as well as the penalties that may be applied - up to and including temporary or permanent expulsion from the University.

Covid-19 and the Student Code of Conduct

For 2020/21 the University has agreed an Addendum to the Student Code of Conduct setting out the University's arrangements in the light of Covid-19 and the University’s approach to reported breaches by students of social distancing legislation and restrictions on public gatherings, or other health and safety recommendations.

We consider such incidents to be breaches of our standards of behaviour, especially since social distancing is a legal requirement and relates to health and safety.

Reporting unacceptable behaviour

If you see or experience unacceptable behaviour please report it to any one of the following members of staff / areas of the University, where you will be advised what happens next: