Feedback on your course or module

Note: This page refers to feedback you provide to the University on the course or module you are studying. For feedback from the University on assessed work please go here.

We are constantly seeking to improve the courses and modules we offer and at various points during your studies we will ask you for your feedback on how we are doing and what we can do better.

In addition to these formal feedback opportunities we also welcome informal feedback to module and course tutors on an ongoing basis.

Module Evaluation

For every module you undertake (including both practice and placement modules) we will aim to give you the opportunity to provide feedback. We use an online system for module evaluations that allows us to collect information anonymously. At the end of each module the evaluation will open up on your module page in Blackboard.

Questions will be based around those used for the National Student Survey (NSS) and will include sections on: Assessment and feedback, Academic support, Organisation and management, and Learning resources. Survey results will be reported back to you via your Programme Committee.

Programme Committees

Each area of study will have a Programme Committee which comprises elected undergraduate and (where relevant) postgraduate student representatives together with course and module tutors and other staff.

Programme committees meet two times a year and provide an opportunity to review how things are going on the course(s) generally and to contribute to broader development discussions on delivery and content. They are supported by a range of background information including external examiner reports, survey results and other information. This is accessible to all registered students via the Programme Committee shell on Blackboard.

Student reps will be expected to gather feedback from their fellow students ahead of meetings, including both good practice as well as any areas of concern. You can find out who your student rep is via the SU’s representation pages.

Becoming a student rep

Being a student rep is rewarding work which will build your communication skills, offer you the opportunity for valuable networking and contribute to your CV. Some reps may even get the opportunity to chair meetings providing further development opportunities.

Bucks Students’ Union supports student reps across the University by co-ordinating elections, managing training and providing ongoing support. See the SU’s representation pages for more information about how you can get involved.

UK-wide survey opportunities

You may also be invited to provide feedback on your course for various sector-wide surveys.

The NSS is an annual survey of nearly half a million UK students intended to gather honest feedback on what final year students feel about key aspects of their courses and experiences.

It is open to all final-year undergraduate students who meet the eligibility criteria. Questions are based around the following areas:

  • Assessment and feedback
  • Academic support
  • Organisation and management, and
  • Learning resources

The UKES is open to all Level 4, 5 and 6 undergraduate students (who are not eligible for the NSS) and is the only major undergraduate survey in the UK higher education sector that measures students’ engagement with their studies. Questions are around themes including critical thinking, working with others, and interacting with staff and the types of activities they are participating in.

The PTES is the only UK higher education sector-wide survey to gain insight from taught postgraduate students about their learning and teaching experience. It is open to all Level 7 postgraduate students on taught courses at Bucks.