Withdrawing from your course

Withdrawal is when you formally leave your course with no intention to return to your studies at the University.

You may withdraw from your studies at the University at any time. As withdrawal is a permanent step which cannot be reversed, however, it is best practice to undertake an interview prior to your withdrawal being finalised to ensure that this is the most appropriate course of action. Please contact your School Registry Officer to book an appointment.

If you withdraw from the University you will be awarded credits for any modules you have successfully completed. Depending on the course you were registered for you may also be eligible for an exit award, e.g. a Certificate of Higher Education. All awards are subject to the decision of an Assessment Board.

Please be aware that withdrawal may have financial implications for you, including being liable for fees. Please refer to our Payment and debt procedures (Home/EU students only). International students should instead speak to the Compliance and Administration Manager (compliance@bucks.ac.uk) as there may also be visa implications which must be considered before any decisions are made about changes to their studies.

Formal withdrawal is initiated by completion of the Withdrawal Form. Until you have completed and returned this form to the Student Centre you will remain registered on your programme which may have financial implications for you.

If you are leaving Bucks to join another university or higher education provider you must formally withdraw prior to enrolment at your new institution.

A transfer to a new programme of study may have financial implications for you if it results in you studying for more years that the length of your original programme. You must contact your funding body and the institution to which you are intending to transfer as soon as possible and ask for confirmation in writing of your future entitlement to student support.

You will need to make arrangements to pay any outstanding fees before your leave.