Transferring courses at Bucks

It is possible for students to transfer to a new programme at Bucks. Any such transfer will be subject to academic approval and availability of places and may involve a formal interview or written submission. You will also be expected to have discussed your intention to transfer with your current course leader.

You will normally only be permitted to transfer prior to the start of an academic stage or Level. Transfer to a new course may require additional credits to be undertaken to ensure that you meet the requirements for an award of your new programme of study. You will be liable for any additional fees this may incur. On transfer you will be governed by the regulations of the new course.

You must contact your funding body to check your financial support for the new programme. If the transfer increases the number of years it will take to complete your programme, you may be without fee support for one of your years of study.

To submit a request you should complete an Internal Transfer Form and return this to your School Registry Office.

Please note: This form should only be completed following a formal interview with the new programme leader or written submission explaining the reason for your request.