Interrupting your studies

Sometimes, as a result of changes in your personal life, or due to a prolonged or serious bout of illness, you may be having difficulties fulfilling all the requirements of your course. In these circumstances you may wish to consider requesting to interrupt your studies and return when you are able to focus again on your course. The University is not obliged to grant an interruption of studies request and you will remain liable for any fees in that fee period (normally a term).

Your personal tutor will be able to discuss your situation with you and explain the options open to you. Depending on your programme of study there may be certain restrictions, such as the point at which an interruption must be taken or the date of return to your studies.

Interruptions of study will initially be for one year but may be extended to a maximum of two years. Your return to your studies will be governed by the curriculum and regulations in force when you re-enrol. It is possible that your course will have undergone substantial changes or may even have stopped running which may affect your ability to re-enrol.

While you have interrupted your studies you will not be able to submit any work for assessment, undertake an examination or attend work or clinical placements. You will also be unable to access labs, workshops and classroom facilities. The University will, however, support you to retain limited access to some resources, including the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and the Library.

Marks awarded for assessments prior to the interruption of studies (including any non-submissions) will stand on your return to study.

To submit a request you will need to complete an Interruption of Studies Form and return this to your School Registry Office.

A decision will be made as quickly as possible by the authorised tutor, usually within one week. You must continue to attend your course while a decision is being made.

The date of your interruption of studies will be recorded as the date of signature on the form. Requests may not be backdated.

It is your responsibility to contact the University to state that you wish to return. Your School Registry Officer will also attempt to contact you a minimum of two months prior to your intended return date.

You will be expected to return at the start of a study period, e.g. a Semester or Term or at the start of a placement.

Tuition fees will be liable for the fee period in which you return. All fees must be paid in full prior to re-enrolment.

If you have not returned to your studies after two years have elapsed, you will be withdrawn from your programme.