Certificates & Transcripts

On achievement of your award and following publication of your results, you will be sent an Award Certificate and an Academic Transcript.

  • An Award Certificate is a formal statement of your overall result of the course and, where relevant, the classification of your award (e.g. First Class Honours).
  • An Academic Transcript contains details of your individual learning including the modules you took, their overall grade and credits achieved at each Level of study. You will receive an interim transcript at various stages while you are a student (typically at the end of each academic year) and a final transcript when you complete or leave your course.

Students on clinical or various other professional programmes (e.g. pre-registration and social work programmes) will also receive a Placement Transcript which provides details of their formal placement or clinical experience.

For more detailed information please refer to the Certification and Transcript Procedure. We have also put together answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

You will receive your award certificate at the annual graduation ceremonies held in September. If you require your certificate earlier than this (for visa purposes etc.), please contact certificates@bucks.ac.uk.

Certificates not collected at graduation for students with UK addresses will be sent to their registered home address.

Award certificates and transcripts for exit awards for students leaving partway through their course (e.g. Certificate of Higher Education, Diploma of Higher Education) will be sent directly to students’ registered home addresses as soon after the relevant Board of Examiners as possible.

You can request new certificates and transcripts from our online store. Certificates currently cost £40 and transcripts £25. For all queries regarding transcripts and certificates please contact the team by emailing certificates@bucks.ac.uk.