Bucks and Beyond

Buckinghamshire isn’t just a happening place with a great university. Nor is it simply a picturesque, peaceful and inviting county. It’s also on the doorstep of west London, where we have our Uxbridge campus.

In short, it gives you the best of both worlds: beautiful towns alongside the Thames and the Chiltern Hills, with charming countryside and a more laid-back pace of life – yet just a short hop to everything London has to offer.

See below for more on why student life at our campus locations is so special…

High Wycombe

If High Wycombe’s fascinating history of chair-making isn’t reason enough to want to live here, there are many others. For example, it’s a Purple Flag town , which means it’s recognised for its warm and welcoming community vibe, its safe nightlife scene, plus a public transport system that’s geared towards student life and won’t leave you stranded after hours. While picturesque and self-contained, the town embraces the student community and the vibrancy it brings, so you’ll feel right at home from day one.


Uxbridge may effectively be a London suburb, but it has a strong sense of its own identity and a genuine community feel. Perhaps because it is a London borough, and the city’s central areas are so accessible, there’s far less hustle and bustle here. It has everything you need in terms of shopping, restaurants, cafes and nightlife – and it’s on the Metropolitan line – but people aren’t ‘head-down’ here like they can be in central London – they even say ‘hello’ when you’re taking a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Grand Union Canal!


This excellent market town has come full circle as Buckinghamshire’s county town. From pleasant market town to new town, to desirable commuter town, and back to pleasant market town – yet keeping all the good bits it acquired along the way. Its historic heart has an attractive market square and quaint side streets, but it’s well equipped for modern life, with excellent public transport and links to nearby towns and London Marylebone. Some might say it’s ‘posh’, but it’s simply a nice place to be – just north of the Chilterns, with London and other Bucks towns within easy reach.


Perhaps the archetypal Chilterns destination, Missenden is a great example of what Buckinghamshire is all about. A visit will make it clear why the village has featured so often in ‘Best Places to Live’ lists. Once Roald Dahl’s home, it’s affluent, postcard-picturesque, well connected, and a great escape into rural England. Perhaps that’s why it’s also used so often as a film set for period dramas.

There are extensive cycle routes in and around the village, connecting with the Chilterns Cycleway – a great way to get around and explore this wonderful part of the country.