Research and consultancy

The Human Performance, Exercise & Wellbeing Centre provides a physiology service to endurance athletes to improve their running performance by prescribing heart rate training zones from lactate profile assessments.

We are in partnership with Wycombe Wanderers FC, working with the squad and fitness staff during pre-season testing, which involves both lab-based and ground-based testing. Goalkeepers in particular, make use of our Neurotracker system to help train perceptual-cognitive ability.

We made a positive contribution to the England Touch Rugby Women’s 27 squad as they prepared for their World Cup campaign, in April 2015. This involved squad testing, training programmes, and informative lectures around topics such as training and recovery and supplementation.

Previous research includes working with Wycombe General Hospital’s Type 1 Diabetes research team, led by Diabetes specialist Dr Ian Gallen. We helped examine novel ways to reduce hypoglycaemia in physically active Type 1 Diabetics, including the use of caffeine, insulin pump management, and different types of insulin.

We are always interested in taking on new research and consultancy projects in the Human Performance Laboratory, so please contact us to discuss any ideas.