Gateway Gym closed due to the National Lockdown

Due to the current national lockdown, we regret that our doors must remain closed to our current and prospective members. All memberships in place since the start of this most recent disruption are now frozen. We will update this information as soon as we have any further indications of when the situation might change but until then we hope that everyone stays safe.

As always, when we are able to return, our priority is to do everything we can to ensure the health and safety of everyone making use of our exercise facilities and services. Whilst our Covid-safe measures already go way beyond the minimum requirement for the operation of gyms we continually review our operations and implement changes designed to further enhance the safety of everyone whilst making use of our facilities and services. For example, you may have recently seen the Fitness Team using a ‘fogger’ machine to help disinfect some pieces of equipment that were hard to clean using antibacterial wipes. We also reviewed our usage between the end of lockdown 1.0 and the start of lockdown 2.0 and made some changes to the position of equipment and ‘zone markers’ to ensure that even more distance is maintained between fellow gym users.

Whilst the Gateway Gym remains closed as a physical facility, we are delighted once again to be able to invite Gateway Gym members, non-member University students, employees and NHS colleagues to attend our fantastic live-streamed group exercise sessions FREE. See the group exercise page for details and booking instructions.

Read on for details of how we are working hard to keep you safe when you are once again able to use the facilities here at the Gateway Gym.

As you might imagine, we have implemented many important changes in order to maximise your health and safety whilst using our facilities and services. These changes include measures aimed at promoting Covid-secure social distancing, increasing hygiene and raising awareness of our responsibilities towards each other.


Social Distancing

We have maintained the 2m social distancing guideline as we believe this is appropriate for an exercise environment. We have created ‘personal zones’ in our group exercise studios and created a one way system around the gym. A number of exercise stations have been taken out of service so that adjacent exercisers are kept at least 2m apart.


Additional hand sanitising gel stations have been installed throughout the facilities and we encourage you to use them before, during and after your workouts. Towels are not permitted in the gym and we encourage personal belongings to be kept to a minimum.

Shared Responsibilities

Antibacterial wipe dispensers have been installed and it is expected that all exercise stations are wiped down by gym members after use. The Fitness Team has also increased the frequency of cleaning with a focus on touch points such as machine screens and door handles. We ask everyone to commit to observing the new measures and to help, we have placed simple reminders around the facilities.

As a result of making these operational changes, we are proud to be able to use ukactive’s ‘Covid-19 Response Approved’ logo confirming that we have implemented all the recommendations put forward in their framework for the re-opening of fitness centres.

Take a look at what we've done...

We look forward to seeing you soon.

John Ide
Sports and Fitness Centre Manager

Member testimonials

‘I started back at the Gateway Gym a week after it had re-opened. It was obvious a lot of work had been put in to make sure the gym was clean and conditions were adapted for Covid-19. I would highly recommend people to come back to the gym, even if they are still a little worried as all the precautions have been put in place to make sure everyone is safe’

Toby - Bucks New Uni Student Member

‘I returned to the Gateway Gym on the first day of re-opening as I really wanted to get back but also because I knew that the Fitness Team would have made every effort to ensure our safety while working out. I felt the new arrangements in place now for COVID go above and beyond what’s required for everyone’s safety.’

Deb - Community Member


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