Police Code of Practice Suite

The Police Code of Practice Suite facilitates the development of practical skills and knowledge relevant to policing in a safe learning environment. All three areas within the suite are connected to a classroom by audio and video links enabling wide student participation, observation, discussion and feedback of the various police related scenarios practiced.

The three areas of the Police Code of Practice Suite are:

  • A bedsit area which enables various police, victim, witness and suspect key interactions to be practiced, such as arrest, searching of premises, and forensic awareness.
  • A custody area which enables the practice of presenting a detainee to the Custody Sergeant, including the outlining of the reasons for a lawful and necessary arrest and continued detention, as well as the understanding of the rights of a detainee and the risk assessment process to ensure a safe period of detention.
  • A suspect interview area which enables the practice and understanding of a structured interview and the various dynamics involved, including the PEACE structure and the role of participants such as an appropriate adult or solicitor.