• Study mode: Part Time
  • Location: Flexible Distributed Learning
  • Duration: Two Years
  • Start Date: September 2021

Course Overview

Businesses are faced with and take risks constantly; and only those organisations who understand and can respond to risk challenges and impacts, demonstrating resilience, are truly capable and competitive. These businesses need analytical, capable and knowledgeable teams and leaders who are able to plan, operate, manage and ultimately succeed in the ‘VUCA’ world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

The MBA Risk and Resilience enhances the knowledge and capability of experienced professionals who are seeking to further their careers in a variety of sectors. It builds the levels of confidence and business understanding with a central focus on the influence of and need for risk and resilience capability that will help career progression. The MBA will equip you with the ability to effectively respond to unpredictable challenges and succeed in competitive business environments; where margins of time, resource and competitive advantage may be narrow; and where acumen and agility matter.

Course Details

Led and developed by our business and resilience teams, the programme involves the study of both internal and external environments, challenges and opportunities, with a focus on the multiple aspects of risk and resilience. The MBA blends business and organisational management theoretical and applied approaches with those related to the requirement to maintain organisational viability in the challenging and dynamic business operating and strategic environments.

The programme is focused on work-based problems, allowing students to present and discuss ‘real world’ problems and offer meaningful solutions. This applied approach ensures that our students can be equipped with developed knowledge and skill sets that will serve them and their employer well in mitigating risk and achieving resilience.

Distance Learning

We provide a flexible and personable approach to teaching through distance learning technologies, inclusive tutorial support, scenario and case study-based teaching.

Our novel approach to teaching, with online delivery and a virtual classroom capability, helps our students make the most of their time, giving them the freedom to manage work life responsibilities. Students take part in virtual scenario based exercises, supported by up-to-date material that provide complex and challenging content to stretch capabilities in a supportive learning environment. At the heart of the course is the focus on student interest and priorities; we teach what you need to learn so that you can apply the learning in your own context and in line with your own, or your organisation’s, goals.

Virtual learning experience

At Bucks you are part of a truly diverse community. This course is designed to make our learning resources accessible to all students. Students will use our online learning platform and a wide range of electronic resources in an interactive and focused programme that allows learning to take place wherever you are able to access our electronic portal. We provide off campus access to library services, allowing students to borrow books from the virtual library and access peer reviewed journals as well as access to wider material via our interlibrary loan service.

Inclusive learning

We truly value the different insights and experience that our students bring. We encourage non-traditional routes of entry and welcome those who may not have obtained a first degree, but who satisfy the entry requirements through demonstration of experiential learning and experience.

At the beginning of the programme, we provide an induction day, followed by a four week pre-study programme to develop key academic skills. This essential element of the programme ensures that those with a less traditional academic background have the optimal start to their studies.

Course Modules

Year 1 Modules

  • Risk Management
  • Crisis Management and BCM
  • Organisational Resilience
  • Project Management

Year 2 Modules

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Leading, Managing and Developing Talent
  • International Management of Finance
  • Digital Leadership in a World of Continuous Change
  • Research and Dissertation


How much does it cost

Part Time Home and EU, Academic Year 2021-2022: Year 1: £2,750 and Year 2: £5,250

Most courses will involve some additional costs that are not covered by your fees.

You could benefit from financial support through a bursary or scholarship during your time as a student. For more details visit our financial support, bursaries and scholarships section.

Questions about fees?

Contact our Enquiries Team:
0330 123 2023

How do I apply?

For application details please visit bucks.ac.uk/applying-to-bucks


What are my career prospects

On completion of this MBA you will have validated, proven and extended your knowledge and capability in business management, risk and resilience. Any organisation with the need to compete, thrive and survive in the VUCA world will also need its people to be incisive, analytical and responsive to change. That will give them the necessary competitive advantage; and you, equipped with your knowledge and capability, will have developed and evidenced your own.