Case studies

Here are some examples of successful collaborations

Whether you are a local business looking for some support from our talented students, or a large organisation requiring expert knowledge from one of our experienced academics, take a look at our case studies to give you an idea of how we can work together.

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Bespoke training for Royal Hospital Chelsea

Royal Hospital Chelsea is home to the iconic Chelsea Pensioners. One of the main health concerns for this ageing community is dementia. Matron Susan Williams had no doubt the care staff could safely do their job, but she worried they didn’t take ownership. Using our expertise, we created bespoke training to strengthen support for patients with dementia. Because of its success, we’ve been asked to create a programme for all their social care staff.

When we first met the team at Royal Chelsea Hospital, they revealed their employees were facing some challenges related to the day-to-day activities and client experience at the hospital.

Susan Williams, Matron at Royal Hospital Chelsea, told us, “we felt our staff had the knowledge they needed to support our clients safely, but they didn’t take ownership. We needed to encourage and empower them to deliver an improved service.”

Fiona Chalk, Senior Lecturer at Bucks, visited the hospital, listened to their needs and discussed how to tackle the problems they faced. After discussing different options, Fiona and Susan decided care staff would benefit from training tailored to their team.

Using her extensive nursing and education expertise, Fiona designed and delivered a bespoke programme. It aimed to boost their knowledge, but also built up their confidence when caring for clients living with dementia.

But our support didn’t end there. When Susan alerted us to a problem, the Bucks team visited again and considered how to tweak the training to overcome the issue they’d encountered.

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After the training, the care staff reported feeling supported and said it reassured them that their training requirements were being met. We were told avoiding a “one size fits all” approach has been incredibly effective, and staff still use the ideas from the training.

“The bespoke dementia training filled specific gaps in knowledge and gave confidence to staff to not only improve their performance but also the day to day client experience” – Susan Williams, Matron at Royal Hospital Chelsea

Impressed by the difference the training made, Susan asked us to create another short programme. This will inform all their social care staff about dementia and the experience of living with it.

Students create promo video for Visit Buckinghamshire

The Visit Buckinghamshire and the Chilterns site showcases everything there is to do in the local area. But it lacked a video that brought the experiences to life. With no time or budget, Buckinghamshire Business First, who host the site, turned to us for support. In just two weeks, our students created a promotional video from new and existing footage.

Buckinghamshire Business First (BBF) is a growth hub for local businesses based on our High Wycombe campus. Visit Buckinghamshire is hosted by BBF – the site showcases everything there is to see, do and explore in the county.

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If you want to hire a teepee or book an ice cream experience, the Visit Buckinghamshire website is the place to go. However, BBF wanted to make the website more interactive to boost tourism.

The team decided to create a promotional video, but they lacked the time, expertise and technical skills to do it themselves. They approached professional companies, but the costs were simply too high.

Based on our High Wycombe campus, the team turned to us. That’s when we introduced them to a lecturer in the School of Media and Creative Industries. He explained students need to create five commerical films as part of their course, so it seemed like a brilliant opportunity for everyone.

“The tourism sector is a major player in the Buckinghamshire economy, with approximately 2,300 businesses employing 23,000 people. More than £729 million is spent locally each year as a result of 10 million day trips and 1.1m overnight stays in the county.” – Lucy Dowson, Tourism Development Manager at BBF.

The students were given the brief on how the video should look and feel – and they ran with it. They quickly proposed initital concepts and then the project got under way.

While some of attractions already had footage, there were gaps that needed to be filled. Visiting various locations, Bucks students used their expertise and our industry-standard kit to capture the county.

Editing all the footage on campus, a team of Bucks students created a brilliant three and half minute promotional video. The turnaround time was impressive – students delivered the final product in just two weeks.

“It felt as if I was dealing with a professional organisation, not 12 students. They completely nailed the brief.”Lucy Dowson, Tourism Development Manager at BBF.

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Students were able to apply their expertise and create something purposeful, and Visit Buckinghamshire now have top quality content that will help boost tourism.

Lucy Dowson said, “now we’ve got any amazing film that we’ve had endless positive comments about. I’ve gone back to the other businesses I work with and told them about the opportunity to work with students”.

With a constant need for content, this project is just the first of many. Recently, students have created detailed itineraries for the website and more filming opportunities are being discussed.