Received an offer?

Once you’ve heard back from all universities you’ve applied to, you’ll need to respond to these offers by selecting your firm (first) and insurance (second) choices. This should be done on UCAS Track.

The deadline for making these choices will depend on when you submitted your application and received your offers – UCAS will inform you of the date you need to respond by. You can also find more information on the application deadlines on the UCAS website.

Unconditional offer scheme

We sometimes award unconditional offers to applicants in certain subjects. We select people who we think would excel at Bucks and make a significant contribution to our learning community. Here are some answers to some frequently asked question regarding the unconditional offer scheme:

Why are you offering an unconditional offer scheme?

The aim of the unconditional offer scheme is to allow you to concentrate on your studies knowing your place at University is secured.

We want to teach students who we think will excel at Bucks, so when we assess your application and can see that you are the kind of student we are looking for, we will make an unconditional offer. We will then let you know personally that you have been included in the scheme. All you need to do then is make us your Firm Choice on UCAS Track and your place is secured. You can then focus on your studies and prepare to start your studies with us.

How do you select applicants on this scheme?

The criteria is different for each course included in the scheme. We look at a number of things when we’re considering who to make an unconditional offer to, including:

  • academic grade predictions
  • interview/portfolio/audition performance
  • prior examination performance (such as GCSEs)
  • widening participation criteria
  • the personal statement
  • extra-curricular achievements
  • interaction with us during the application process.

The scheme is only open for certain courses and we select students for the scheme on the basis outlined above. We will get in touch with you personally if we are considering you for the scheme.

What if the applicant does not have GCSE’S?

GCSE’s are important as they, in essence, set a grounding for whichever direction students are heading.  We do like to see consistency, therefore GCSE grades do matter and in the absence of these, we are largely unable consider you for the unconditional offer scheme

What if the applicant isn’t taking A Levels?

If the applicant isn’t taking A levels, we also consider a range of qualifications in this scheme. Please contact our Admissions Team [] if you have specific questions.

Do I still need to focus on my qualification?

Absolutely, please do not neglect this. You’re level 3 qualification is a key part of your academic journey. After graduation potential employers will look at all of your qualifications as part of a well-rounded CV.

What if the applicant doesn’t get the predicted grades?

We can understand this will be disappointing, but if you have chosen us as Firm on UCAS track, you will have a guaranteed place at Bucks.

Can applicants defer once they have been given an offer?

Unfortunately not, the unconditional offers are only valid for the academic year they are issued.

Do you consider oversea applicants for this scheme?

Unfortunately we are not able to include applicants who require a visa to study in the UK in the scheme.

Is there a deadline to accept you as firm?

Yes, this will coincide with UCAS’s deadline to accept your offers, you will be able to see this in your UCAS Track.

What next?

Exam results

If you’re waiting for exam results, we will usually receive these directly from the exam board, although in some circumstances we may ask you to email copies of your certificates over to us. If you’ve met the conditions of your offer, then we’ll confirm your place and this will show on your UCAS Track.  You will also then receive your joining instructions and more information about the start of your course.

If you receive your results and don’t meet the conditions of your offer, don’t panic. Sometimes we’re able to be flexible if your application is strong and you only just miss your grades, or we may be able to offer you an alternative programme such as a Foundation Year. We’d always recommend contacting us to discuss your options if you’re worried though.

Applicant visit days

Between February and April we will offer ‘invitation only’ applicant visit days, where you can meet staff, view our facilities, and get a taste of what life at Bucks is like. Once you’ve been made an offer, you’ll receive an invitation to attend, along with more information about what to expect from the day and a link to reserve your place. Please be aware that some subjects do not offer applicant visit days as they hold interview days instead.

If you’ve received an offer from us and made your choices, then congratulations! You can relax for now and put your feet up as we direct you to all the information you might want to know about why studying with Bucks is such a great decision.