When you get here

Our vision is to be a leading University for professional and creative education and applied research.

Our strategy is built around three core aims relating to our education offer, our engagement in the research and enterprise agendas and the quality of our people and organisation. These different strands highlight our priorities, but it will be our coherent delivery of all three strands that will strengthen and enhance our position in the higher education sector.

In order to be successful, we will:

  • be a professional, caring and supportive university, ambitious for our staff and students
  • be committed to equality and fairness, creating opportunities for social mobility
  • develop and support our staff to meet the challenges the university faces in the increasingly competitive environment in which we operate
  • work in partnership with our students to promote student engagement and success
  • develop a culture where innovation, creativity and enterprise flourish
  • ensure that our infrastructure and administration are effective, efficient and fit for purpose
  • maximise the potential of our campuses to support our priorities.

Whether we teach students or support them, manage the University or maintain it, every one of us has a vital role to play in its future success and we welcome you to be part of that.

Bucks People Strategy 2022