Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe

Associate Head of School

School of Human & Social Sciences


Dr. O’Keeffe is an Applied Psychologist who has been involved in many unusual projects: physiological effects of low frequency sound (at Royal Festival Hall); ghost investigation of Hampton Court Palace; an exorcism ‘training day'; Hostage Negotiation and Terrorism Suspect Interviewing simulations; & lie detecting for the film Spy Game.

He also has provided a sceptical voice to various paranormal shows (e.g. Living TV’s Most Haunted, Jane Goldman Investigates, Ghost Adventures etc.,) in addition to providing expert input on Forensic/Investigative Psychology.

His paranormal research has focused on academic and field-work examining haunting experiences. Additional research has included psychic criminology, group-stalking, superstition and ‘Religious’ parapsychology (i.e. exorcism, possession, miracles & stigmata). It has been reported in The Psychologist, The Times, The Independent, New Scientist, BBC etc. Aside from writing for various magazines and conducting academic research, which he has published & presented at numerous conferences, he has participated in paranormal documentaries (e.g. examining psychic detectives, understanding ghostly encounters) & also provided accounts of his daily activities in order to inform the lead (Andrew Lincoln, from AMC's “The Walking Dead”) in a popular ITV paranormal drama, Afterlife.

Dr. O’Keeffe has a demonstrated track record of innovation and influence in course development (e.g. MSc. Psychology (Conversion), MSc. Mental Health & Well-being in Education, BSc. (Hons) Counselling Psychology, BSc. (Hons) Business & Psychology), research (into diverse perspectives on mental health – Attitudes, Counselling, Forensic, Parapsychology etc.), employer involvement in delivery and curriculum development (e.g. Healthy Minds – Bucks Primary Care Wellbeing Service, HMPPS Prison Staff, etc.).