Prof Florin Ioras


Director of Research and Enterprise


Professor Florin Ioras has established an extensive track record of international environmental research achieving recognition for visionary research leadership and innovation management. He has achieved key contributions to over 40 projects including more than 30 large-scale collaborative research programmes. He has also coordinated over 12 large scale international projects funded by a variety of sources including the United Nations Development Programme, World Bank and Horizon 2020. Florin is a high-ranking professor at Buckinghamshire New University where he is the Director of Research and Enterprise. He holds the ‘Chair of Conservation and Sustainability’, the designation of ‘Distinguished Professor of Environmental Ecology (Unitbv)’ and is a ‘Doctor Honoris Causa at Transilvania University’. Florin is external subject reviewer at Technological University Dublin. He has served on a number of European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) frameworks, such as the 'Protected Forest Areas in Europe - Analysis and Harmonisation’. He is currently national representative for the ‘Indoor living space improvement: Smart Habitat for the Elderly’ programme. Florin has over 125 publications including more than 70 journal articles and 80 publications in proceedings of refereed international conferences, in addition to being co-editor of 5 books and contributor to 9 other books.