Dr Rita Kapadia

BSc, MSc (Mat. Eng), PhD, PGDip, MSc (Org. Behav.)

Career Development Consultant

Careers & Employability Service


Rita holds a PostGraduate certificate in Careers Information, Advice and Guidance and recently completed a Masters in Organisational Behaviour, which has focussed on Understanding Organizations & Change; Employee Relations & Motivation; Learning & Development; Selection & Assessment; Leadership & Performance Management and Work and Well Being. Although Rita started off her career for the first 10 years as a Project manager in Mechanical Engineering, she pursued a career change on having a family. Her current remit includes providing careers information, advice and guidance to students via face to face/online interactions and workshops. Rita specialises in career management, identifying career goals and skills gaps, identifying transferable skills, interview preparation, job searching and sourcing vacancies, labour market information, assessment centres, occupational awareness, psychometric testing and use of social networks to enhance career prospects. She now has over 10 years of experience of working with undergraduates, graduates, postgraduate students and alumni both nationally and internationally.