School of Business Law & Computing

The School of Business, Law and Computing offers a portfolio of vocational courses, developed with industry, and designed to meet the rigorous expectations of the relevant professional bodies.

We prepare our students to work in a whole range of occupations and industries, helping them build the essential knowledge and skills they need to flourish in the fields of:

As a Bucks student, you will work with academics who stay closely involved in their sectors and specialisms, and keep pace with the changes and challenges of today’s world. They use their experiences and external activities to keep our courses fresh and relevant.

Most importantly, your course will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence employers are looking for, so that by the time you leave, you will be in a strong position to progress your professional career.

For more information, or to discuss how we can help you achieve your career goals, email us, call 0330 123 2023, or attend one of our open days.