Student Conduct

You are a member of the University community and, as such, your actions can have an impact on the safety and operation of that community.

We are committed to providing a University community where equality is promoted, diversity and inclusivity is valued and individuals are respected. Our students share the responsibility for promoting and fostering an inclusive environment and ensuring that others do not experience harassment.

  • We will treat seriously incidents of discrimination, bullying, harassment or other inappropriate behaviour and will provide support to those affected and take appropriate disciplinary action
  • We will have zero tolerance towards those whose behaviour is considered to be unacceptable and will take action to protect our staff

If you see or experience unacceptable behaviour please report it to any one of the following members of staff / areas of the University:

Standards of conduct and behaviour

The University’s policies, regulations and procedures, including health and safety and emergency procedures, as well as the Learning Partnership Agreement are published on this website and are available to you at the time of your admission to Bucks and throughout the course of your studies. Taken together these documents provide a guide as to what constitutes good conduct under the contract that you have formed with the University.

The following documents provide more detail about the expected standards of conduct:

  • The Learning Partnership Agreement includes standards of behaviour for students.
  • The IT Regulations of Use set standards for student use of computing facilities.
  • Certain professional courses (such as Nursing, Social Work, Pilot training etc.) may have additional codes of conduct, please refer to your programme handbook or course leader for more information.

Where your behaviour falls below our expected standards of good conduct, you may find that you are subject to the University’s Student Disciplinary Procedures. The procedures apply to all areas of your study, including on campus, off campus, on placement and in University accommodation.