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Mr Jason Schaub MSW, BA (Hons), PGCert HE, DipMS

Jason Schaub

Professional experience

Social Worker for several London boroughs in children’s social care. Experience of working as a social worker in both USA and Ireland. Experience of undertaking research projects and evaluations for organisations covering a variety of topics including children’s social work practice, practice education, and people living with HIV.

A member of the Monitoring and Evaluation sub-committee of the Bucks Safeguarding Children’s Board, and co-organise the University’s annual safeguarding conference.

Teaches on social work and other related programmes and the course leader for the inter-disciplinary MSc Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding. Teaches child and family social work, child protection, and research methods.

Scholarly interests

Social work education, child and family social work, critical practice. Sexuality, gender and masculinity. Research methods, particularly qualitative methods. Social theory and social work.


Developing innovative curriculum. Developing and providing innovative and relevant training on safeguarding. Experience of undertaking and delivering high-quality research and evaluations. Experience of supervising students undertaking a broad spectrum of studies from across the health and social care disciplines.

Chair of International Sexuality in Social Work Interest Group including:
International Sexuality and Social Work Conference.
Convener of Buckinghamshire Social Work Academy Masterclasses.

Selected publications

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Guest editor of 2016 British Journal of Social Work special issue, Sexualities and Social Work in the Contemporary World. Available at:

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