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Mrs Hayley Stainton MSc (ESRC); PGCE (DTLLS); BA (Hons); TEFL

  • Senior Lecturer

Professional experience

Hayley is an experienced lecturer having taught across a variety of FE and HE courses. In her previous role she held the position of course team leader, within which she designed, delivered and managed a range of modules. She has worked as a visiting teacher for Action Aid, where she delivered a number of ad-hoc development focused sessions within a range of educational institutions, and she has taught English overseas.

Hayley has a broad range of experience within the tourism and aviation industries, ranging from hospitality and customer service-based roles, to working overseas as a resort representative and working as cabin crew. She is also a keen travel writer and maintains a personal travel-focused website.

Hayley is currently awaiting her PhD viva, whereby she has examined  the correlations between the concepts of TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) teaching and tourism. She is an academic reviewer for a number of tourism-based journals and she has acted an an external moderator for the OHTM, Open University and Edexcel.

Scholarly interests

TEFL tourism, volunteer tourism, international development, sustainability, aviation, research methods.

Selected publications

Stainton, H. (2017) Inside the Thai Classroom: A Stakeholder Insight. [Pending with The New English Teacher].
Stainton, H. (2017) The 'Blogosphere' as a Platform for Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis: The Case of TEFL Tourism. Current Issues in Tourism. DOI 10.1080/13683500.2016.1271404.
Stainton, H. (2017) TEFL Tourism: The Tourist Who Teaches. [Accepted with revisions with Tourism Geographies]
Stainton, H. and Iordanova, E. (2017) An Ethical Perspective for Tourism Researchers Using Blog Analysis as a Research Method. [Pending with Innovative Methodologies]. 
Stainton, H. (2016) A Segmented Volunteer Tourism Industry. Annals of Tourism Research. 16 256-258.
Stainton, H. (2015) Life of a Hostie: Everything you need to become Cabin Crew. UK: Create Space Publishing.
Wright, H. (2014) Volunteer Tourism and its (Mis) Perceptions: A Comparative Analysis of Tourist/Host Perceptions. Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research. 13 (4) 239-250.
Wright, H. (2014) Becoming Cabin Crew: The Ultimate Guide to the Application Process, Cabin Crew Training and Life in the Skies. UK: Create Space Publishing.

Academic reviewer for the Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research
Academic reviewer for Current Issues in Tourism
Academic reviewer for the Journal of Hospitality Management and Tourism
Academic reviewer for Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research

Conference Presentations
Stainton, H. (2016) TEFL Tourism: A Typological Examination of Those Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Paper presented at ATLAS Annual Conference. Tourism, Lifestyles and Locations. 14-16 September.
Stainton, H. (2016) TEFL Tourism. Paper presented at Bucks New University Research Colloquium. 29th June.
Stainton, H. and Iordanova, E. (2016) An Ethical Perspective for Tourism Researchers Using Blog Analysis as a Research Method. Paper presented at The 6th ICOT Conference-New Challenges and Boundaries in Tourism: Policies, Innovations and Strategies. 29 June-2nd July.
Stainton, H. (2016) TEFL Tourism: Three Minute Thesis (winner). Paper Presented at Staffordshire Post Graduate Research Conference. 19th May.
Stainton, H. (2016) TEFL Tourism: An Introduction. Paper presented at the Tourism Research Network PhD/ECR Symposium. 19th April.
Stainton, H. (2015) TEFL Tourism: Moving Volunteer Tourism Research from the Broad to the Specific. Paper presented at The 24th Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research. 29th September-3rd October.
Wright, H. (2015) 'The Blogosphere: An Ethical Debate.' Paper presented at The International Conference of Qualitative Research. Beyond the Fractured Future. 15th-17th July.