Varsity is the climax of the sporting calendar year for both Bucks New University and the University of Roehampton. Varsity 2019 saw Bucks return to Roehampton and reclaim the Roebuck Trophy, winning 10.5-8.5 in the latest instalment of the annual competition.

It is the biggest sporting showdown event, pitting the two rival universities against each other. In what has been a proud tradition since its inception back in 2013; both institutions will battle from 11 in the morning ‘til 10 at night for the right to proclaim themselves as Varsity champions and lift the prestigious Roebuck Trophy. The teams will accumulate points of honour for each hard-fought win and half points for every battle drawn. The university with the most points overall, after the final whistle, will be crowned Varsity champions.

The sports played on the day include: badminton, football (several matches), swimming, netball, hockey, volleyball, basketball and rugby.