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Please download the Student Timetable guide for detailed information about how to access and read your Timetable.

Access your timetable.

Please check your timetable daily for the latest information as the details will be subject to changes both prior to and during the academic year.

For more information, take a look at our frequently asked questions below.

Timetable FAQs

Under the ‘My Timetable’ tab in Blackboard or by visiting

See the guide for detailed information about how to access and read your timetable.

There are a few reasons why an individual timetable may not be available to you. This could be because:

  • You have not yet chosen some of your optional modules.
  • You are a returning student who has had referral work to complete over the summer.
  • You are a new student who applied later in the admissions cycle.

In all cases you should contact Academic Registry who will be able to advise you.

Module and Student Group timetables are also available on the web viewer, so even if you do not have an individual timetable available currently, you will be able to see the schedule for your course.

Your timetable is subject to change before any lecture, seminar or workshop. For this reason, we advise you to check your timetable each evening to ensure there are no changes for the following day.

Course teams should also tell you about any changes to the scheduled sessions.

It is not advisable to print your timetable, we strongly recommend that you check your timetable on a regular basis via the website.

You should contact Academic Registry who will advise you.

This type of change will take a minimum of two working days where current timetabling allows to reflect on your timetable.

No, you must attend the session shown on your timetable, as the room capacities and groups have been carefully worked out for your safety.

Any queries or difficulties should be directed to Academic Registry.