Your IT Account

All registered Students are given their own University IT account.

Your account will provide you with access to email, file space, Blackboard e-learning portal and other useful University resources.

You must abide by the University's IT Regulations for the use of computer hardware and software.

Welcome to Bucks New University!

To get started with the IT services at Bucks, it’s really important to activate your account by setting up your password. This is applicable to all Bucks students, including partner college students. You will not be able to do these steps until you have been issued with your Student ID card.

Your Username

Your username will be your student ID number followed by e.g.

This will be your username for all IT services (logging into systems, online e-learning, etc.).

Your Password

You must set up your password yourself by using the University’s self-service password reset portal.

Go to and follow the instructions under reset your password section.

Once your password is set, you are ready to use your IT account. You can use your account details to connect to Wi-Fi and use other university IT resources.

Click here to know how to connect to the University Wi-Fi,

If you have difficulties in setting your password, please contact IT Service Desk.

Usernames, passwords and e-mail addresses for returning students will remain the same as last year.

If you have forgotten your password, you can change your password.

Learn how to change your password here.

Click here for Password FAQs.

If you have difficulties logging in, please contact IT Service Desk.

All coursework left on your G drive will be deleted after you graduate, so please make sure to save any files you might need in your personal devices, as soon as you finish your final term.