Print, copy & scan

Bucks New University provides multi-functional printers, which you can use to print, copy or scan documents. This page helps you learn how to use the printers, their locations in our campuses, charges involved and tips on printing.

Follow the instructions in the Print, Copy or Scan Guide to know how to print, copy or scan in the Printers available at the University campuses.

Please get in touch with IT Service Desk for any help required.

Charges for printing, copying and scanning can be found at the Your loans, fines and printing page.

You can credit your central printing account by using your credit or debit card. You can add more credit to your account for printing at

You can print from your own Laptop or Mac using the Wireless Printing Guide.

Please get in touch with IT Service Desk for any help required.

Binding work and Bulk printing can be done in the Bucks Student Union in A4 and A3 formats. Charges will apply.

For further information, please visit

Print only what you have to

This is good to the environment as well as saving you money. For example: there should very rarely be a need to print web pages you refer for your studies. You could bookmark the page, or create an "information document" into which you can copy snippets of information gathered from various electronic sources. If it is very important to print reference materials, please print on both sides.

Printing high resolution photos

Please be aware that if you use the printers to print high resolution photos that it can take up to 45 minutes to process. Any other files that are released on the same MFP will not print until the print job has been completed.

Our advice to you is that if you are printing out high resolution images do not use the printers on level 2 and 3 of Gateway during busy periods

Also converting any document to PDF may reduce file size and printing times!

Don't print in colour, unless required!

The cost of output from the colour printer is more than that from the monochrome printers. Think twice before you decide to print in color.

Printing large files

When printing large files (especially Word, PDF and PowerPoint), send the job to the printer queue in chunks or parts to match the number of credits on your print account