The ceremony

The ceremonies start at 11.00am or 2.30pm. Each ceremony will last around an hour. Please note that you must be in your seat half an hour before the start so that university staff can explain the ceremony proceedings to you. You are strongly advised not to take bags or personal belongings with you into the theatre. You are not allowed to take any beverages into the auditorium.

You will be seated in the stalls in strict alphabetical order within each course. This is the order you will cross the stage in. Find your allocated seat as soon as you enter the auditorium and then remain seated. University staff and the theatre ushers will be in the auditorium to assist you and ensure that you find the right seat.

When the ceremony starts everyone will stand while the academic procession enters. Once the procession has reached the platform and the ceremony has been declared open, everyone will sit down.

University staff will direct you during the presentation. At the appropriate moment you and others in your row will be asked to form a line to the side of the auditorium. Do not change seats or position in the line-up for the presentation as you will not be in the correct order for the presenter to read out your name.

Please do not carry anything with you on to the stage. When it is your turn, the presenter will read out your name and you will cross the stage to shake hands with the University official(s). If you do not wish to shake hands for personal reasons or cultural observance please contact the Graduation Team in advance, who will advise you how to indicate this as you approach them on the stage.

You must return to the same seat after you have crossed the stage. At the end of the ceremony you will be asked to stand up and wait for everyone on the stage to process out of the theatre. Please wait by your seats until staff tell you to leave.

You must wear your mortarboard throughout the ceremony and when processing out of the auditorium.

Once you have descended from the stage following your presentation, a member of staff will hand you your certificate in a presentation folder (with the exception of the Pre-Qualifying Nursing awards). If your certificate has been previously issued, the folder will contain a letter. Please return to your seat before checking your certificate. University staff will deal with any query you may have after the ceremony.

If you have an outstanding tuition debt, your certificate will not be in the folder. Please contact the Student Centre.

After the ceremony you are invited to join us at a post-ceremony reception in the marquee located in the Rose Garden on the High Wycombe Campus where light refreshments will be served.

The campus is very close to the centre of town where there is a wide range of coffee shops, pubs and restaurants.

The Alumni team can be found in 'The Room' after your ceremony where you can discuss the benefits of joining the Alumni.

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