Bucks Enterprise

Amazing things happen when bright people with a passion for new ideas come together. As a student at Bucks New University you’ll have access to training, advice, space, and start-up funding. So if you’ve got the vision, the talent and the inspiration, we could help you get your ideas going.

Inspiration and support

We can inspire you by introducing you to real entrepreneurs and like-minded students with a passion for making things happen. You can come along to our entrepreneurial societies, as well as our pioneering enterprise boot camps and business start-up programmes.

Perhaps you need help in protecting and managing your Intellectual Property, or you’re looking for office space or funds to help nurture and grow your business idea. Or you’re interested in developing your skills for business. Whatever support you need, we can provide it.

Your bright ideas could win you prizes in our annual enterprise challenges. The challenges are also a great way to get expert feedback and early market exposure for your business.