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Research ethics and integrity

We seek to achieve high ethical standards in research through raising awareness of ethical issues through debate and by formulating codes, guidelines and procedures.

The University Research Ethics Panel monitors and reviews the University‚Äôs ethics framework in the light of the external ethics environment and proposes changes, as required. Further details about the ethics framework at Bucks can be found in the University Ethics policy and Code of Good Research Practice.

All research projects should be carried out under the established University Research Ethics Framework. If you are uncertain whether your study is subject to this framework, please refer to the scope of studies requiring ethical approval.

All staff and students should follow the guidance on the Ethics Blackboard organisation which includes details of meeting dates and submission deadlines.

Please note that it is your responsibility to follow the University Ethics Policy and any relevant academic or professional guidelines in the conduct of your study. This includes providing appropriate information sheets and consent forms, and ensuring confidentiality in the storage and use of data. Any significant change in the question, design or conduct over the course of the research should be brought to the attention of the Research Unit and may require a new application for ethics approval.

Health Research Authority Ethical review:
If your study involves personal data or tissue of NHS patients, NHS facilities or premises, or adults who lack the capacity to consent for themselves  you would need to seek NHS ethical approval through the Health Research Authority. Please also contact the Research Unit who will need to check your application before submission.

University Research Ethics Panel

Chairs: Prof Tim Middleton, Dr Stan Erraught
Secretary: Dr Melanie Nakisa