Social Sciences

We welcome applications for research degrees aligned to Social Sciences in each of the areas listed below. Potential supervisors are shown with a summary of their areas of research expertise. Further details can be found on their staff profile page which also links to their publications. You are welcome to contact a potential supervisor for an informal discussion before submitting your application.

Current research student projects in this area are listed below.

Dr Maria Ansbro (social work; assessment and management of risk; multi-agency child protection work; application of attachment theory)

Dr George Clerk (mental capacity; child abuse; social care)

Prof Margaret Greenfields (marginalised communities; Gypsy/Roma/traveller health and justice; mental health in minority; migrant workers)

Dr Charles Mugisha (social change; bridging the gap between social work practice and research)

Dr Carol Rogers (bereavement; Gypsy/Roma/traveller communities; early years education)

Dr Sena Agbo-Quaye (non-verbal auditory affects; sex education and relationships; academic career narratives)

Dr Anne Chappell (active ageing and resilience; social justice)

Dr Genevieve Cseh (psychology of creativity and the arts; flow; positive psychology)

Dr Keelin Howard (social media and mental health)

Dr Barbara Kingsley (aspects of cognition on student experience; teaching and learning of Research Methods in HE)

Dr Nicola Mallowan (attitudes towards illicit drugs and drug users; ethics of research into drug use; forensic psychology)

Dr Ciaran O’Keefe (paranormal psychology; restorative justice; offender reform)

Dr Cheryl Pitt (family and child psychosocial wellbeing and health; adaptation to chronic illness in childhood;  lifespan and adult development; career development and lifelong learning)

Dr Julia Robertson (evolutionary psychology; faciometrics in research related to masculinity/ femininity; teaching and learning of Research Methods in HE)

Dr Ceri Sims (coaching; inclusive leadership; positive psychology; personality)

Dr Matthew Smith (positive psychology; restorative justice)

Dr Elaine Welsh (student mental health; active ageing and resilience)

Dr Piers Worth (positive psychology; restorative justice; resilience in sport)

Dr Anne Chappell (active ageing and resilience; social justice)

Dr Ciaran O’Keefe (paranormal psychology; restorative justice; offender reform)

Project titleSupervisors

Evaluation of a local authority family support service: victims of domestic violence; service users’ perspective.

Dr Maria Ansbro, Prof Susan Procter (Visiting Prof)

An Investigation into the Factors Affecting Suicide of Military Veterans in the United Kingdom

Prof Margaret Greenfields, Dr Carol Rogers, Dr Piers Worth

Re-examining the out-of-body-experience as a transpersonal process: Seeking empirical evidence of the mind outside the body; investigating the psychological framing and impact.

Dr Ciaran O'Keefe, Dr Piers Worth, Dr Matthew Smith

How do organisations facilitate creativity through embracing polarity; paradox and tension?

Dr Piers Worth, Dr Genevieve Cseh

Enhancing the well-being of young autistic people using positive psychology approaches.

Dr Piers Worth, Dr Matthew Smith

The relationship between complexity of emotions and close adult friendships

Dr Ceri Sims, Dr Genevieve Cseh