Business, Management, Aviation and Security

We welcome applications for research degrees aligned to Business, Management, Aviation and Security in each of the areas listed below. Potential supervisors are shown with a summary of their areas of research expertise. Further details can be found on their staff profile page which also links to their publications. You are welcome to contact a potential supervisor for an informal discussion before submitting your application.

Current research student projects in this area are listed below.

Dr Sainey Faye (finance in the Gambia)

Dr Dorin Festeu (physical exercise/depression; educational projects in the areas of non-formal education; entrepreneurship; e-learning; health rehabilitation; employability; engineering and innovation)

Dr Alexandra Krukowska-Burke (sport psychology; resilience; transformational leadership)

Dr Kevin Maher (computer technology; leadership styles and conflict; wood products; computer science education)

Prof Gloria Moss (leadership; marketing; gender differences)

Dr Ceri Sims (coaching; inclusive leadership; positive psychology; personality)

Dr Jane Wright (school nursing; public health; leadership; alcohol in HE)

Dr Ali Bakir (tourism; grounded theory; culturalism)

Dr Adrian Guachalla (music and dance tourism; cultural flagships; urban cultural tourism; ethical operations in hospitality and tourism)

Dr Hayley Stainton (tourism; TEFL tourism; educational tourism; international development; volunteer tourism; sustainability; netnography; blog analysis; digital marketing)

Dr David Warnock-Smith (aviation: air transport economics; strategy; management; operations and planning)

Dr Rafid AlKhannak (engineering and IT operational R&D; distributed systems; grid and cloud computing; software and hardware system operations; information systems; cyber and network security)

Dr Kevin Maher (computer technology; leadership styles and conflict; wood products; computer science education)

Dr Richard Mather (learning programming; forestry; education; environment)

Dr Carlo Lusuardi (computer programming; artificial intelligence)

  • The Impact of Customers’ Perceptions and Expectations of Internet Service Quality Delivery on the Growth of Internet Services in Federal Capital Territory Abuja; Nigeria.
  • The Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Team Conflict types in ERP implementation teams in the Jeddah Region of Saudi Arabia.
  • An investigation into the safety and security of human remains as air cargo: formulating recommendations for global standards of the repatriation process.
  • Code and collaboration: are emerging education paradigms effective at preparing graduates for work in the computing industries?
  • An Investigation into the Factors Affecting Suicide of Military Veterans in the United Kingdom.
  • An Investigation and Critical Review of the Efficacy of Prevent as a Strategy for Countering Radicalisation in the United Kingdom.