The impact of coronavirus raises a lot of questions within our University Community and we have answered as many as we can below; updating these as the situation evolves. Please email if you have any other queries that are not answered below and ensure you follow our official social media channels for immediate updates.

Please don't worry - you will continue to receive the payments for both types of loans that you're expecting for the remainder of your studies this year.

The University has temporarily moved to delivering teaching online on direction from the UK Government and we are continuing to monitor advice during this difficult time. While, the situation is beyond our reasonable control, the University is committed to taking steps to minimise disruption to you and the actions we are taking are for the protection of our staff and students.

We are making plans for the new academic year and will provide face to face on-campus teaching wherever it’s possible to do so, whilst staying COVID-safe. We’ve reviewed every course and module to ensure you continue to receive the best possible learning experience. Nearer to your return date, we’ll provide you with all the detail about where and when your teaching will take place.

We will continue to ensure that you can access our learning resources online and can continue to receive teaching. You can also submit assessments and receive feedback on your performance. We will continue to take steps to ensure that assessment deadlines are reviewed and have agreed exceptional regulations to ensure that Boards of Examiners have flexibility in considering your academic profile – while maintaining the quality and standards of our awards. We believe that we are taking all reasonable efforts to enable you to continue your studies to the best of your abilities. Therefore, the University is not offering any tuition fee refunds due to the current situation.

We recognise that the current crisis may have impacted on your financial circumstances.

The Bucks Hardship Fund is open to students still studying that haven’t surpassed their end date for the current academic year. To apply please contact If you need any other information guidance please contact the Student Centre.

Yes, this is all covered. You don't have to worry as your lecturer will record your attendance.

Yes, nothing changes. If you are still using childcare then you will continue to receive a Childcare Grant. (See more details at this link).

There's no need to be concerned. Undergraduates can apply for funding now, explaining the personal reasons for your application e.g. that your studies were impacted by Covid-19 and circumstances beyond your control. You can find out more here. Applications for part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students should be available soon.

Don't worry, you will continue to receive both types of loans you're expecting for the remainder of your studies this year.