The impact of coronavirus raises a lot of questions within our University Community and we have answered as many as we can below; updating these as the situation evolves. Please email if you have any other queries that are not answered below and ensure you follow our official social media channels for immediate updates.

University-owned Halls

September 2021

Yes, you can apply for accommodation from 6 July here, where you can also find more information about our halls and rent charges.

We know that you may have concerns about accommodation for the next academic year, and that many of you are reticent about signing contracts with private landlords. We’ve worked with the Students’ Union to develop a new accommodation package – which they fully endorse – for all new, returning and graduating and alumni students for 2020/21. Recognising the unprecedented challenges of Covid-19, we’ve reduced all of our accommodation charges between 10-30%.

Rooms in our Covid-safe student accommodation will start at £80 per week and include:

  • No deposit, flexible contract period and a public health crisis guarantee
  • All utilities, free Wi-Fi and contents insurance
  • 24 hr security and on-site pastoral and welfare provision
  • 1/3 off University gym membership once lockdown restrictions are lifted
  • Free membership of ‘The Bucks Café Club’ giving you discounts at all campus cafes which we expect to be open for at least takeaways from September
  • Bedding, cleaning and welcome packs available on request

We won’t charge you a deposit, and your contract won’t start until you’re required to be on campus and take up residence. Furthermore, if there is another public health crisis which prevents you from accessing our campuses, you’ll be released from your contract at no additional cost. We will let you know when you can start applying for residential halls for the new term. Visit the accommodation area on the website for all rents.

No, we’re not. We have reviewed our allocation policy and have been monitoring what other universities are doing. The benefits offered by ‘course bubbles’ in accommodation are limited, due to a variety of other social interactions outside of those course and flat bubbles. In addition, bubbles would restrict what accommodation we could offer and would result in less students being allocated their preferred allocations and prevent some friends being able to live together.

We are in the process of allocating rooms at the moment. There are a lot of factors to consider to try and give you the room you want, so it may take us a little while. When we have finished allocating we will email each of you and confirm the room offer.

The start of the halls contract is Sunday 20th September; however, we won’t be able to allow everyone to arrive on the same day this year, due to social distancing.

We are currently confirming the details of how it will work and will provide an update when things are confirmed. There is an online induction and arrival process, which will include specific arrangements for arrival.

Please check the government’s guidance on quarantine/self-isolation for people arriving in the UK. It gives advice on who needs to quarantine. Please do not plan to arrive in the UK without taking this into account. You will be asked to complete and sign government paperwork regarding your plans when arriving in the UK, and there are consequences to not following the government’s rules.

The university is currently considering who would need to quarantine and how we can help to facilitate students who need to quarantine.

Please check government guidance (as we will continue to) as guidance is likely to change; if we become aware of a change that will affect you in halls, we will tell you. At the moment you can visit one other household at a time, So yes, you can stay with friends or family, as long as you stick to the rules.

No. We’re sorry, but after significant discussion and consideration, we have decided that guests in the halls cannot be permitted (this includes external visitors, but also residents of other halls of residence). We understand that this won’t suit everybody, but it is the only fair and manageable approach that allows us to comply with guidance and keep the halls as safe as possible.

We will keep this under review, and so it will be a ‘fluid’ policy, depending on how the coronavirus situation develops. We will of course let residents know if this changes

Yes, in line with government guidance, you can visit one other household (flat) at a time. This also means that only residents from one other flat can visit your flat at any the same time, which means you’ll need to speak to your flatmates about guests that are visiting.

Parties have never been permitted in halls, but it is exceptionally important that this rule is adhered to now, as parties are not conducive to social distancing and are likely to promote the spread of coronavirus.

We will continue to monitor guidance as the coronavirus situation develops and if we become aware of a change that will affect you in halls, we will tell you.

We will be producing some specific guidance around what to do and support available before the start of term. However, as soon as coronavirus is suspected, your household (flat) will be expected to immediately self-isolate and arrange for a COVID test. You should check the guidance on the NHS 111 website and read the Government’s Stay at home advice. You should also notify

The University is developing plans for students affected in this way to ensure they are provided with the necessary wellbeing and practical support.

We will be providing further information on this in the coming weeks in line with ongoing Government guidance.

2019/20 Academic Year (for students who were resident in halls before July 2020)

Any rent that has already been incurred will need to be paid.

However, we understand that some students will be experiencing financial hardship as a direct result of the Covid-19, so we’re trying to offer some flexibility.

Email with more information and we’ll be in touch. You need to contact us about your debt, so that we can manage it effectively. In some cases it may still be necessary to pass debts to an external agency to manage.

We will need all keys back before the start of September. If you still have your keys we will contact you about returning them.

If you are unable to return your keys personally, you will need to post them back. If you post them, please send them directly to the reception of your halls of residence. Please use a well-sealed, padded envelope, send by recorded/registered delivery and include only your ID and Name (not the room number).

We are now starting to box up and store belongings that have been left in kitchens and bedrooms. What we do will be recorded and belongings will be stored safely ready for collection.

Please do not arrive to collect belongings without making arrangements with the Accommodation Service in advance. You can also arrange for someone else to collect belongings for you, as long as you arrange it with us in advance.

If you are not returning to the UK and are unable to collect your belongings, please contact us and we can work out the best way to get your things back to you.

If your account ended in credit, then we will either roll the money over to next year (if you return to halls) or arrange a refund. Please contact us on if you believe you are due a refund.