'Studying at Bucks has given me opportunities which would never have crossed my mind'


Date: 7th Aug 2020

Pilot Training graduand Fareeha Ahmed says gaining a degree will fulfill a lifetime ambition for her - and studying at Bucks has opened her eyes to a host of opportunities as she moves a step closer to her dream of taking to the skies.Fareeha Ahmed

Fareeha, who is graduating in BSc (Hons) Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training, has written about her experience and how she's gained so much from her degree she's already looking forward to returning to study MSc International Aviation Regulation and Law.

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'Graduating from university has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I cannot begin to express the feelings of pride and accomplishment in this achievement.

'Studying at Bucks has given me opportunities that would have never even crossed my mind!

'From networking with aviation professionals who join us as guest lecturers, to gaining valuable work experience through my role as a Student Ambassador, I feel equipped with the skills needed as a developed professional seeking employment.

'Upon embarking on this course, I was sceptical about the need for a university degree when my ultimate goal was to become a commercial pilot which can be done solely through flight school. However, I can say that it was one of the best choices I have made.

'Studying modules such as Airline Finance & Economics, Strategic Management, and Aviation in the Global Context has allowed me to cultivate a wider understanding of the industry as a whole and has equipped me with the knowledge recruiters are looking for in their candidates.

'Through the combination of flight training and academic studies, I quickly developed in to a determined and confident individual - something I endeavoured towards as a teenager, having always been known as the quiet one!

'With exciting trips to the HQ’s of easyJet and British Airways, to name a few, organised through the Aviation Society, and having the opportunity to create/run my own airline as a university module, it is difficult to pinpoint the most notable moment throughout my three years.

'Every single aspect is what made my experience at Bucks unforgettable.

'I have enjoyed it so much I am pursuing the MSc course in International Aviation Regulation and Law from September.

'Whilst my ultimate goal is to take to the skies, the current situation has demonstrated the importance of being resilient and adaptable.

'By engaging in this course, I will have the opportunity to develop an expertise towards the understanding of regulatory and legal management, boosting my employment opportunities and allowing me to develop as an aviation professional.'.

During her time studying at Bucks, Fareeha has also contributed her views on the issue of women entering the pilot industry.

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