Opportunity knocks for student at leading conference


Date: 29th Nov 2019

Second-year Airline and Air Transport Management student Horia-Stefan Suiugan has hailed the experience he gained as an ambassador at a leading conference in Valenca.

Horia-Stefan (pictured), from Romania, was among students supporting the three-day AviaDev Aviation Development Conference in the Spanish city, with more than 200 delegates representing regional airports, airlines, tourism authorities, and suppliers.
AviaDev Aviation Development Conference

Horia-Stefan had responded to an invitation to be part of  the organising team, ensuring everything went as planned and that all participants were satisfied and made the most of the event.

He said: "I was required to assist with the running of the conference including being involved with registration, the Q&A sessions in the main conference room, and other general assistance.

“It was a great chance to gain an inside view about how aviation business actually works but most importantly it was a unique opportunity to stand out in front of people who could influence my aviation future."

Airlines which attended included easyJet, British Airways, and Vueling; and speakers were key influencers in the European aviation industry.

Speaking about his degree at Bucks, Horia-Stefan added: "I am very excited about my degree. It is well structured in to interesting modules which got my attention from the first class.

"All of the lecturers are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, giving us confidence as students.

"I would definitely like to get a job in the industry. I am really looking forward to that moment when I will be able to use all the experience gained during my studies.”

Phil Wood, Head of the School of Aviation and Security, said it had been ‘a great opportunity’ for Horia-Stefan to meet with people in the industry, build confidence, network and work towards his ‘significant’ ambitions.

“Horia-Stefan grasped the opportunity with energy and enthusiasm,” said Mr Wood.

“Bucks is all about helping students to achieve career ambitions and to develop what we term 'graduate attributes'; that help them to be future ready.

“Horia-Stefan is a fantastic example of what can be achieved by ambitious and engaged students with a clear vision about what their future possibilities can be.

“AviaDev will have helped him in so many ways and we are extremely impressed and pleased by his success at the 2019 event.

"The 2020 event will be notified to us early next year and we look forward to seeing many more students applying for this unique chance to develop and shine.”


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