Theatre and the Aesthetics of Atmosphere


Date: 25th Apr 2019

An Associate Lecturer in Performing Arts at Buckinghamshire New University has hosted a prestigious international workshop and round table event in Milan, developing his ongoing research in theatre, sound, and the aesthetics of atmosphere.

Dr George Home-Cook, whose current research explores atmospheres in contemporary theatre, hosted the public seminar-workshop, which itself was hosted by Standards Studio, one of the Italian city's leading arts venues.

The two-day workshop was attended by more than 50 professionals and practitioners, including members of the Italian National Theatre, performing arts students, sound artists, philosophers and scenographers.

Dr Home-Cook said: “It was an honour to have been invited to host the event, which is part of a series of workshops held by leading scholars including Professor Timothy Ingold.

"The event, which was dedicated to my work, offered a unique opportunity for international collaboration and creative exchange, and builds on my monograph, Theatre and Aural Attention.

“It helped me to continue to develop my international research profile and to enhance and enrich the module I am currently teaching to second-year Performing Arts students, 'Staging Atmospheres'.

“It also helped to enhance Bucks New University's profile as an international centre for academic excellence and knowledge exchange.”

Dr Home-Cook added: “My monograph investigates what it means to attend a theatrical performance through listening, concentrating on the four sonic dimensions in contemporary performance - noise, sound design, silence and immersion.

"Sounding Atmospheres develops this work by investigating the interconnection between architecture, attending, aurality, audiencing, and atmospheres."

Dr Home-Cook’s prize-winning research in theatre sound and aurality, performance philosophy, and the aesthetics of atmosphere has received international recognition.

He is regularly invited to present at conferences, symposia and colloquia in the UK and abroad and his work has been translated in to French and German.


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