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Date: 7th Jun 2018

Award-winning Buckinghamshire New University graduate Mark Timms has credited links made while studying in helping him develop a career in post-production for cinema and television.

Mark, 23, is a studio assistant at Warner Brothers De Lane Lea Studios in London, which specialises in sound post-production for cinema and television, and his role includes supporting every part of the day-to-day process.

He graduated with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Audio and Music Production in 2016 and won an award from leading music equipment manufacturer Focusrite for the quality of a music production recording he produced during his course.

Mark Timms at De Lane Lea Studios

Mark has most recently worked on the Netflix series The Alienist.

Speaking about his job he said: “It is quite varied, which I really like, and my day-to-day work changes depending on what stage of the post-production mix I am at, whether it be setup, during a mix or delivery.

"I really enjoy the challenges that are thrown up. Sometimes you can have technical issues delaying a mix, and, due to the cost of time in studios, this can create a high-pressure environment where clients need to be kept happy while you are trying to fix the problem.

Mark Timms with his award from Focusrite
“While this can certainly be stressful the feeling when you solve a problem gives me a lot of satisfaction."

He said when he first came to study at Bucks he wanted to work in music but grew interested in sound for film during his course, and that led to meeting staff at Warner Brothers De Lane Lea Studios.

He added: "Eventually I would like to become either a dialogue editor or special effects editor but I am really enjoying where I am now, learning a lot and gaining valuable experience and credits which will help me in the future.

Audio and Music Production students

"I originally got the job at De Lane Lea Studios as a runner, through a trip that lecturer Al Green took us on.

"We visited the studios in 2015 and by talking to the staff there I was eventually able to get a job, so I certainly would not be here if I had not studied at Bucks.

"The encouragement to work with other students on collaborative projects gave me a lot of valuable experience and prepared me for working with others and maintaining good client relationships, which is one of the most important parts of my job now."

Mark recently met up again with Al Green and students from the course when they visited De Lane Lea, and Dolby Film School in London, for a demonstration of the Dolby Atmos format, a mixing technique used in films including Life of Pi and Gravity.

Mark added: "We demoed some mixes which had been done in Dolby Atmos, the most immersive cinema format we mix in, and showed them a clip of Gravity which was mixed here at De Lane Lea Studios, as well as some Dolby demos.

"I also spoke to them about the layout of the studio and how we go about setting up a mix, and gave some of my own experience about working here."

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