Positive ways to continue the feel-good unity of the World Cup


Date: 18th Jul 2018

Still basking in the glow of a successful World Cup for the England team where you watched the games with friends and family during balmy days and nights in the country’s hottest summer for decades?

Well football may not have quite come home but the feelings of excitement and positive unity that led to national outpourings of joy can still continue, according to a pair of Buckinghamshire New University graduates.

Dan Collinson and Lesley Lyle graduated with Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), run the company Positive Psychology Learning, and said there are practical ways people can keep enjoying the positive emotions.

The England World Cup shirt typeface Lesley said: “Of all the words that describe particular football teams I love the word united.

“Watching the World Cup I have been reminded how sport is a great example of how we can all be united by a common goal and while of course England didn’t win the World Cup we caught a glimpse of an even greater prize, unity.

“It was uplifting and inspiring to see people of every age, race, religion, gender and background supporting each other.”

Here are the practical ways Dan and Lesley recommend people continue their positive feelings.

1. Savouring – we can recreate the shared excitement that the country was feeling at the England team’s success and how it united the nation by re-running the movie of that time in our minds and really savouring those emotions to experience and prolong those good feelings.

2. Inspiration – thinking of how inspired we were by the performances of the England team, how united they were and how it brought the country together and use this as inspiration to find ways to maintain the good mood of the nation by cheering up a friend, family member or colleague who may be down in the dumps.

3. Appreciation – research into gratitude has shown that it can increase happiness. By showing appreciation for the good mood of the nation and the unity shown in support of the England team, it can bring about lasting happiness, so really show gratitude for the World Cup and what we achieved.

“Let’s imagine what life could be like if we shared this feeling of connection with each other all the time, and then let’s make it happen,” added Lesley.

Bucks had plenty of links to the World Cup and we've showcased a couple here. 

Banner image:

An example of the BBC's campaign for its 2018 World Cup coverage. James Cross, who graduated in BA (Hons) Music Industry Management & Marketing in 2002, is Creative Director of the broadcaster’s in-house agency and was behind the ad campaign.

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New York-based BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Advertising graduate Craig Ward co-owns agency Gallo Ward and was commissioned by Nike to design a custom typeface for the Football Association's 2018 World Cup kit.


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