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Date: 19th Feb 2016

A Buckinghamshire New University student who decided to fulfil her writing ambition and enrol on a BA (Hons) Creative Writing and Media Studies course has published her first novel which she began writing as part of her final-year coursework.Tracey D. Harris

Tracey D. Harris said: "I was recovering from a major bout of ill-health as a result of suffering from Crohn's Disease and I was really at a crossroads as to what I should do next with my life. I discovered the degree programme at Bucks and decided that this was the perfect course for me as it had exposure to a wide range of writing genres."

Ms Harris first began her novel, Times and Seasons, for a crime fiction assignment during her degree course at Bucks. Following her graduation in 2006, she forged a career in the commercial world without developing the story any further. However, after being made redundant in 2013, Ms Harris turned her attention back to the novel.

She added: "I decided at that point not to return to full-time work, but instead, to focus on finishing the book. Fortunately, I still had a hard copy available, so I carried on working on the manuscript from that point. Now, more than two years later, after a lot of research, proof reading and hard work, the book is finally finished."

Times and Seasons

The novel follows the character Clara, who lives in agricultural Florida in the 1960s during a time of racial tension. After developing a relationship with Joel, which she is forced to keep secret, violence erupts and their relationship is put to the test.

Now planning her next book, Ms Harris credited her course at Bucks with giving her the confidence to fulfil her writing ambition: "My degree gave me a good foundation on which to pursue roles that would later give me the opportunity to use my writing skills and draw on what I had learned," she said.

"It's been really useful and given me the confidence to approach a variety of different styles of writing in various roles."

Times and Seasons by Tracey D. Harris is available to buy on Amazon.

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Main picture: Tracey D. Harris.
Second picture: The novel, Times and Seasons.


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