Coffee House Sessions


Date: 7th Dec 2016

Students in the School of Arts & Creative Industries at Buckinghamshire New University have gained vital industry experience coordinating performances by up-and-coming artists on the Coffee House Sessions tour.

The Coffee House Sessions see artists and bands tour universities around the country over three months, managed and run at Bucks New University by its Students' Union with BA (Hons) Music and Live Events Management and BA (Hons) Audio and Music Production students.

Third-year BA (Hons) Music and Live Events Management student Joanna Chidgey (pictured) has headed up a team of students and said the experience, which has included promoting performances through social media and flyers and interviewing artists and bands for the Bucks Student newspaper, would prove invaluable when she embarks on her career.

Joanna said: "Working with Coffee House Sessions has led to an improvement in my approach to promotion, aided experience in artist liaison and managing a team, and honed my interviewing skills.

"It is really exciting and useful experience in the events industry.

"Many artists who have been on the Coffee House Tour over previous years have also now become really big, such as Hudson Taylor, so it will be interesting to see how the acts I have worked with progress."

Joanna added: "The Coffee House Sessions are a lot of fun and became a routine since they have happened almost every week this term so everyone knows exactly what to do to ensure the sessions run smoothly.

"Over time the audience has become more attentive and engaged which is lovely to see and is great for the artists as they always comment that they have had a good time."

Coffee House Sessions will return to Bucks New University in 2017. For more details go to


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