Government guidance states that you should, if you can, stay where you are, whether that be here in halls, or at your home address.  However, if you need to come back or move in, you can.  But please be aware that you are not permitted to move between households at this time and so if you return or move in, you will need to stay at the halls.

Please also be aware that the guidance recommends that if you return or move in, you should take two lateral flow Covid tests, three days apart, which you will have received information about already.  Government guidance states that if you choose not to take the two tests, then you should self-isolate in your accommodation for 10 days instead.

January Lockdown – We are discussing this now and will let you know as soon as we have more information. We are sorry for the delay.

November/December Lockdown/Online Teaching – Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a discount, refund or a contract cancelation. The University remains committed to releasing you from your contract at no additional cost if there is another public health crisis which prevents you from accessing our campuses. The university remains open for business and the facilities remain available to students, wherever government restrictions allow, as such, the commitment above does not currently apply.

Yes, we do have rooms available for January. But be aware that, due to the current national lockdown, government guidance states that you should, if you can, stay where you are, whether that be here in halls, or at your home address.  However, if you need to move in, you can.  But please be aware that you are not permitted to move between households at this time and so if you move in, you will need to stay at the halls.

For this academic year we’ve worked with Bucks Students’ Union to develop a new accommodation package – which they fully endorse – for all new, returning and graduating and alumni students for 2020/21. Recognising the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, we’ve reduced all our accommodation charges between 10-30%.

Rooms in our COVID-secure student accommodation will start at £80 per week and include:

  • No deposit, flexible contract period and a public health crisis guarantee;
  • All utilities, free Wi-Fi and contents insurance;
  • 24-hour security, and on-site pastoral and welfare provision;
  • 1/3 off University gym membership;
  • Free membership of ‘The Bucks Café Club’ giving you discounts at all campus cafes; and
  • Bedding, cleaning and welcome packs available on request

We won’t charge you a deposit and, if there is another public health crisis which prevents you from accessing our campuses, you’ll be released from your contract at no additional cost. Visit the accommodation area on the website for all rents.

It depends where you are coming from. Arrivals from a large number of countries are required to self-isolate for 14 days, following arrival in the UK. You can read the latest UK Government guidance and find the current list of ‘travel corridor’ countries here. Please be aware that the list of countries is changing regularly so please make sure you keep yourself updated. You’ll need to know how your travel plans might be impacted so that you can ensure you’ll be able to participate in the University induction and teaching.

We appreciate that this may make things difficult for you financially, and so, if you do wish to arrive early to quarantine prior to the start of your course, we are pleased to offer you free accommodation in our halls from the date of your arrival in the UK until the start of your contract period with the University; as long as it is arranged in advance.

Once you have received and accepted a room offer, you should contact us at to arrange an early arrival if you need one, or if you have any other queries. If you have already made travel plans that don’t fit these dates and timescales, please get in touch so we may advise you on next steps to ensure your arrival at Bucks is safe and enjoyable.

You can see the government’s advice about self-isolating upon arrival in the UK here.

You will be asked to tell the government where you will self-isolate when you arrive in the UK. If you are self-isolating in halls, then you will need to provide the halls address.

When you arrive in the halls, you will need to self-isolate in your flat for 10 days (this has reduced from the previous expected period of 14 days as from Monday 14/12/20). Other residents of your flat can come and go as normal. You should try to avoid close contact with others in your flat as much as possible while using shared facilities, and you should clean shared facilities after use. If you are a new student and need to arrange kitchen equipment or bedding, you need to do this in advance, so that we are prepared for your arrival.

The bedding pack consists of the following:

  • Duvet
  • Pillow
  • Duvet cover
  • Pillowcase
  • Sheet

They are available on request, so please email in advance of your arrival to request one.

We have improved this offer in order to help the fight against COVID-19.  Instead of issuing individual cleaning starter packs that could have run out quite quickly we have decided to provide ‘sanitising stations’ in every flat in halls. This will comprise of an anti-viral cleaning spray and disposable cloth; it will be shared between the residents of the flat and we will replenish it when required throughout the year. Therefore, you do not need to ask for this to be provided.

Absolutely, yes, we have! We are doing the following:

  • Providing ‘sanitising stations’ in every flat, with cleaning materials available for the use of every student, supplies will be replenished when required. This is particularly important to help students keep surfaces clean.
  • We are installing hand gel dispensers inside every flat and already have them in place by the entrances and exits.
  • We have arranged for additional cleaning in key areas. We call this ‘touchpoint’ cleaning and it is targeted in areas where there is a lot of use by multiple residents. This will include key circulation areas like entrances and lobby areas and will include cleaning of banisters, lift buttons and door handles.
  • We are putting up signage in all circulation areas to remind residents to socially distance.
  • We are putting posters up at key places inside flats to remind students about hygienic measures to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.
  • We are asking students and staff to wear face coverings if they are moving around any space shared by more than one flat e.g. landings, entrances and stairwells.

This will depend on the government guidance at the time. But right now, no, that’s not permitted. Under the current ‘national lockdown’ this is not possible as you cannot socialise with anyone outside your household, which is considered to be your halls flat, and you are not allowed to stay elsewhere overnight.

Absolutely not. We’re sorry, but guests in the halls cannot be permitted under the national lockdown (this includes external visitors, but also residents of other halls of residence). We understand that this won’t suit everybody, but it is determined by government guidance, which is now part of law.

We will keep this under review, and so it will be a ‘fluid’ policy, depending on how the coronavirus situation develops. We will of course let residents know if this changes.

No, you cannot socialise with anyone outside your household (flat) this includes other people in halls. Following the latest UK Government guidance, we are unable to permit any gatherings in the halls – this means that you cannot go into anyone else’s flat to work or socialise.

Parties have never been permitted in halls but have now been openly prohibited by the government, and so it is exceptionally important that this rule is adhered to now, as parties are not conducive to social distancing and are likely to promote the spread of coronavirus.

We will continue to monitor guidance as the coronavirus situation develops and if we become aware of a change that will affect you in halls, we will tell you.

All students and staff (unless they are exempt) are always required to wear a face covering, if they are moving around any space shared by more than one flat e.g. landings, entrances and stairwells, irrespective of their social distance from others. Face coverings do not need to be worn within your own flat – that area is considered a household, and your home. Please remember, you even need to wear a mask if you have to evacuate for a fire alarm, so keep it close.

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, room transfers are all being reviewed on a case by case basis and only those that have a very serious detrimental impact on the health of the resident will be considered.

As soon as coronavirus is suspected, you will need to contact the Your household (flat) will be expected to immediately self-isolate and the individual who has symptoms will need to arrange for a COVID test.

More information and guidance can be found here.

2019/20 Academic Year (for students who were resident in halls before July 2020)

All rooms have now been cleared and belongings that were left in kitchens and bedrooms were boxed up. We have recorded belongings and stored them safely ready for collection. Please do not arrive to collect belongings without making arrangements with the Accommodation Service in advance.

You can also arrange for someone else to collect belongings for you, as long as you arrange it with us in advance. If you are not returning to the UK and are unable to collect your belongings, please contact us and we can talk to you about how this may be resolved.

If your account ended in credit, then we will either roll the money over to this year (if you return to halls) or arrange a refund. Please contact us on if you believe you are due a refund.