Bucks’ staff and student nurses share new book on ITV News


Date: 15th Oct 2020

Buckinghamshire New University student nurses appeared on last night's evening ITV News to discuss their experiences of working on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic and a new book they contributed to.

Following the launch of Living with Fear: Reflections on Covid-19 last month, ITV camera crews came to the University’s Uxbridge Campus to interview some student nurses and Associate Head of the School of Nursing and Allied Health, Margaret Rioga. You can watch the full clip below.

In the book, a collaboration between the University and Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, Bucks’ student nurses who joined the frontline whilst finishing their studies describe how their fears inspired them to flourish and grow at a time of national crisis.

One of the nurses who contributed to the book, Estelle Kabia, helped patients at the Hammersmith & Fulham Mental Health Unit during the pandemic. She told ITV: “COVID taught me to be the nurse I want to be. It's an unbelievable feeling, I don't think I will ever do anything as big in my whole entire life."

Fellow nurse Ikra Majid did placements at various hospitals in London and Hertfordshire during the pandemic and told ITV that her experiences taught her even more about how important nurses are. She added: “There did get to a point where I thought, why I am I doing this, it’s too much. I didn’t sign up for this pandemic [but] we have to make the best of the situation. As people say, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. I tried to make the sweetest lemonade possible.”

ITV filmed Margaret Rioga giving five of the 481 student nurses from Bucks a short demonstration about resuscitation: Maia Ashby, Kerry Gibson and Melanie Seales took part alongside Estelle and Ikra. Speaking about the student nurses who worked on placement during the summer, Margaret told ITV: “I am so proud of our students and I couldn’t say it any other way. It’s absolutely phenomenal what they went through and what they become as a result of that.”

The book brings together the thoughts of 22 frontline professionals, including clinicians, nurses, therapists, doctors, academics, and people with lived experience of COVID-19, reflecting on what they expected, what they saw, and how this impacted them. The concept of fear is the underlying theme throughout the book, which combines first-hand accounts with academic research and details the clear strategies put in place to make clinical decision-making easier.

The book is available to purchase in paperback and for Kindle. All proceeds will be donated to the CNWL Charitable Fund, which supports staff and service users within the Trust.