‘If you want it, Bucks has got it’


Date: 12th Sep 2019

More than 1,600 students graduated with their degrees last week.

For each ceremony a Valedictorian was chosen to speak on behalf of their fellow graduates, highlighting why they love Bucks and how the University prepared them for the future.

BSc Computing student Muhammad Ummar Malik spoke to a theatre full of people for the School of Business, Law and Computing.

We spoke to Muhammad to find out about his journey at Bucks and what he would say to future students.Muhammad-Ummar-Malik

Hi Muhammad. How have you found the last three years?

This is maybe one of my best experiences so far. I remember my first day and saying to myself, “Oh god, what have I done?”. I was so uncertain at that point as before I was used to being a professional and didn’t feel like I would settle back into education or find people who were like me. Before I joined I worked full time to support my family but joining Bucks has helped me to find my true potential.

What have been your ‘best bits’?

Finding friends who have become like family, learning how to push myself, learning about myself, getting the best opportunities that have changed my life, and developing skills that I never thought I was capable of.

What has been the most surprising part of your course?

The number of opportunities it came with. Like how we could get an AWS certificate, or how it covers such a wide number of topics in the technology industry.

How do you think Bucks has prepared you for the world of work?

Having two opportunities to do internships during my course and after has allowed me to learn and experience how to apply my education into the real world. I feel like a lot of the things I’ve learned through my course and lecturers has allowed me to be more confident in myself and the business.

What makes you proud of Bucks?

What makes me proud is that regardless of who you are at Bucks, there’s always something for you here. If you want work opportunities where you can grow, you can get them. Love sports? We've got it. Bucks makes me proud because everyone here wants us to grow and they support us through the journey.

What do you wish other people outside of our walls knew about Bucks New University?

We’re not a “new” university, sure the establishment is new but the experience within feels like decades old. We have lecturers who care, who dedicate their time to make sure we’re fine and we keep up to track. I truly realised Bucks was for me during the first year when I became ill, but the support from my tutors and peers was the reason I kept going with university. I remember at one point waking up in the hospital and panicking about the exam I had the day after and calling my lecturer and him assuring me it was okay. The support I got from my lecturers was amazing. But overall, I loved it here, I made loads of friends that are like family and learned so much about myself that I didn’t really know. I have had nothing but good words and love for Bucks.


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