Eliminating plastic from the oceans drives student’s work


Date: 13th May 2019

A BA (Hons) Fashion Design student is looking to raise awareness of the impact 'fast fashion' is having on plastic pollution in the oceans through her work that is being displayed at its Art & Design Summer Show.

Corran MacKerron, 22, is displaying a range of garments embellished with recycled plastic and made using eco-innovative materials including one created from pineapple leaf at the Show from 14-15 June and 16-19 June.Corran Mackerron

The environmentally-concious student's work has already been featured by Sky Ocean Rescue as part of its Pass on Plastic campaign, where she was filmed explaining the thought process which went in to her collection.

Now, she is displaying the garments at the Art & Design Summer Show at the University and said she was 'hugely excited' to show off her work and get an important message out.

"My work is all about preventing plastic damaging the ocean," said Corran. "I have not used any synthetic material but instead it is all made from fabrics which were produced with less impact on the environment.

"Plastic was designed to be indestructible, yet it’s being seen as ‘single-use' and is being discarded, particularly thanks to the popularity of 'fast fashion'.

"I wanted to show how it can be effectively recycled and made in to something beautiful.

"I have enjoyed the challenge of being restricted to certain materials, particularly as the research I've carried out alongside my project has left me shocked by the well-publicised devastating effects plastic has had on the oceans."

Corran said having her work covered by Sky Ocean Rescue, which featured a film with her on its social media, had been a 'fantastic opportunity'.

She said: "Every single piece of plastic ever made is still on this earth, which is terrible, and I am trying to do anything I can do to help redress this.

"I’ve been so lucky on this course to take something I am passionate about and create a project I am proud of.”

The Art & Design Summer Show is open from 10am-2pm and 5pm-7pm on Friday 14 June; from 10am-4pm on Saturday 15 June; and from 10am-2pm and 5pm-7pm on Monday 17 June; Tuesday 18 June; and Wednesday 19 June.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design student Magda Wachowicz won a competition to design the branding which accompanies promotion of this year’s Show.

Public visitors to the Show should report to the University’s reception, where they will be shown round by a student.

For more details on the Art & Design Summer Show go to www.bucks.ac.uk/bucksshow19, and follow #bucksshow19 on social media for developments.

Corran MacKerron on sustainable fashion


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