Top tips for studying at home

Hello! I’m Shannon, a third year Performing Arts student. Over these past few months I’ve had to do my studies at home (thanks Covid-19). I’ve picked up some tips and tricks along the way which have helped me and could help you!

  • Get started - I find the hardest thing about studying is getting started. It is so easy to procrastinate at home because there are many distractions. Once I get started, I can get myself into the zone and focus on my studying. Starting any work is definitely the most difficult bit.
  • Work out what works best for you - People learn and study in different ways. Some people like to have full days where they focus on their studies, whilst others prefer to do a little bit each day and build it up slowly. Do what works for you. This will help you play to your strengths and get the most out of your studies.
  • Set yourself breaks - When you go to work or uni, you have breaks throughout the day, so try to incorporate this into working from home also. Having breaks gives you a chance to clear your head a bit and have time away from your work.  I find that relaxing for a bit helps me to re-charge and not burn out by doing too much work at once.
  • Reward yourself - Treat yourself! Getting motivated can be hard but you’re more likely to study if you know you get a reward after, whether it be to watch Netflix or eat your favourite snack. It gives you something to look forward to too. Plus, it feels good because you know you’ve earned it!
  • Put your phone to the side - Social media can be so distracting when you’re trying to study. Checking a message can easily lead to a scroll through Instagram, and before you know it you’re completely out of the zone and engrossed in your screen. I’m awful for doing this. I find the best thing to do is put your phone on silent, put it to the side (even in a draw so it’s out of sight!) and tell yourself you can check it once you’ve finished your paragraph, or got an hour of work done.
  • Find your room - When I leave my room, I get so distracted. I will have a chat with my family and find myself watching a bit of TV with them, which is no help when I’m trying to get my work done. I like to try to stay in my room until I have a break, so I don't get distracted and work as much as I can. Make sure you find a room that feels comfortable to work in for you.
  • Facetime a friend and study together - I’m so much better at studying with someone than I am alone. Facetiming/calling someone is like you’re in the library together, and you can motivate each other to do work. This also helps with staying off your phone, as you’re less likely to scroll through social media if you’re talking to your friend. Schedule this call in as study time, so you both know to keep the focus on your work.