Top Spots on Campus


The Library is a great area of campus. You can find standard computers, loads of things to read and many little areas to sit and chill out. As a 24/7 feature of the university the library is quietest at night and you can even see amazing views of the town.


Food and Drink

The Students’ Union Bar, The Lounge, offers an upbeat environment. The food is cheap and delicious! This is definitely more of a sit down and socialise over a long lunch break kind of place, however, there are plenty of other cafes around. If you need a quick meal between workshops / lectures Beats is a great place to be (for me it was even better as it’s on the floor above the audio studios). Here you can get a range of Meat, Veggie and Vegan sandwiches, as well as jacket potatoes, salads and a load of hot and cold drinks.


When its sunny the concourse is a great place to go as well as it can be warm but still close enough to university if you need to meet people or go to lectures straight after.


As an audio student, the studios that are available for us to use are a great quiet and spacious area where you have everything you need to get your production work done. If the studios are not available, which can happen nearing deadlines, the editing suites, have very similar equipment and have natural light.