Life at Bucks


Top tips for writing your personal statement

How To Study Effectively

Dominika | 23 September 2020

A few helpful ways to refresh the way you're studying.

How To Tackle Your Assignments

Tamyra | 22 September 2020

This blog will provide tips that all students can use across different fields of study to improve the way you work.

Graduating during a pandemic

Fareeha | 22 September 2020

How I have overcome the hardest semester of my time at University and worked through my academic modules in a different way.

Mental Well-being Support at Bucks

Abbie | 21 September 2020

Bucks offers an excellent counselling service as well as many other helpful resources to aid mental well-being.

Top Tips for Studying at Bucks

Tyler | 17 September 2020

How to benefit the most from your studies at Bucks New University.

Students promoting smile campaign outside Gateway building

Why you should study at Bucks

Sophie | 16 September 2020

Sophie is a second year Policing student. Here are her top reasons why you should choose to study at Bucks New Uni.

Top tips for students new to Bucks

Bernie | 14 September 2020

Going through the first year I picked up a lot of little lessons, so here are my top 10 tips for being a new student that I want to share with you!


Five tips for your first weeks at university

Candela | 04 September 2020

Candela is a third year Business and Psychology student at Bucks. Here are her 5 tips to help you get through your first weeks at university.

A day in the life of a Bucks' student

Fareeha | 01 September 2020

Here’s a quick run-down of a day in the life of a third year Bucks student. I usually started my day at 7:30am to get ready for class which started at 9:00am. I lived close to the campus so I used my extra time in the mornings to grab a coffee on the way in.

Top tips for new students at Bucks

Tamyra | 25 August 2020

Tamyra is a first year Aviation student who started at Bucks studying a Foundation Year course. Here is her cheat sheet for her fellow juniors having “first year jitters”.

Top Spots on Campus

Samuel | 12 August 2020

Bucks University has a range of interesting areas on campus where you can chill out, have good food and study. Here are a few personal favourites.

What are Senior Residents?

Seb and Eryn | 24 July 2020

We as SR’s are diverse in that we all have different backgrounds and experience that can be used when helping students who are facing personal and welfare issues.

Top tips for studying at home

Shannon | 20 July 2020

Hello! I’m Shannon, a third year Performing Arts student. Over these past few months I’ve had to do my studies at home (thanks Covid-19). I’ve picked up some tips and tricks along the way which have helped me and could help you!

Top tips for new students

Shannon | 20 July 2020

Hello! I’m Shannon, a third year Performing Arts student. Like you, I was once beginning my Bucks journey. Here is a list of tips that helped me out as a first year.

Money saving tips and tricks

Edgar | 5 April 2020

Some textbooks can be up to £75 so I’d advise you to check the library for these books before ordering them.