Why did I choose Bucks to study Audio and Music Production?

After looking at a variety of universities which offered similar audio courses, I chose Bucks for a number of reasons, the main being how practical the course is. Now that I have completed my degree, I am glad that I studied at Bucks because of the amazing experience I gained whilst studying here.


I decided to choose Bucks because:

  1. All the tutors and lecturers were friendly and enthusiastic about their courses.
  2. There was a wide range of opportunities available due to the University’s great industry links. After studying at Bucks for 3 years I have been able to develop my skills by working with BBC introducing recording and on football shows and short films.
  3. The state-of the-art facilities and equipment, which is used during lectures and workshops, was available between classes to use for additional projects and to further my understanding of them.
  4. Bucks has a focus on the practical side of the industry so on leaving you are career-ready. Lesson on how to operate the equipment and software has helped me greatly.

Now my time at Bucks has come to an end, I have found that these elements of the course made my experience all the more enjoyable and has allowed me to have a wide range of knowledge in all the industry elements. The staff have all been brilliant, going above and beyond to support us in university and even outside of it, by assisting in projects which are external. They have a clear passion for the course and the students.